Your Web3 Strategist and Metaverse Consultant

The person behind the brand

Meet Sam, our Founder, he has a proven track record in go-to-market strategies, product positioning, Web3 onboarding and user journey. Currently working fulltime in the Web3 space, he has a live view on developments within the space. 

Sam is a true expert in helping brands and individuals navigate the Web-3 landscape.

Based in London and holding both a finance Undergraduate degree and a Masters in Surveying, Sam has been immersed in the crypto ecosystem since late-2017.

Virtuland was born at the crossroads of virtual and physical real estate, recognizing the need for expert guidance in the world of blockchain and Web-3. Sam, as one of the few qualified Surveyors operating within the Metaverse, brings over a decade of physical real estate experience, spanning from on-site construction to real estate finance.

Sam is dedicated to understanding your unique needs and leveraging his extensive experience to deliver maximum value to your project. Reach out to him via the Contact page or at to continue the conversation



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