Metaverse and Virtual Land Consultant

The people behind the brand

Sam, our Founder, based out of London, holds a finance Undergraduate degree and a Masters in Surveying.  He has been involved in the crypto ecosystem since late-2017, having experienced the turbulent markets crypto was renowned for in the early days.

Virtuland was born at the intersection of both virtual and physical Real Estate, in response to the need for professionals to help guide others through the world of crypto and Web-3. 

As one of the very few qualified Surveyors working within the Metaverse, he combines over 8 years of physical real estate experience, gained from the full spectrum of onsite construction, technical due diligence and real estate finance, with the skills and knowledge to connect the traditional Investor with the Web-3/ 'Crypto' ecosystem.

He would love to continue the conversation, to fully understand your needs and together identify where he can leverage his experience to bring most value to you and your project.

Please reach out via the Contact page or at 


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